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Romantic Breakfast Ideas to Break Your Daily Routine

romantic breakfast ideas

All couples reach a point in their relationships when breakfast becomes a boring morning routine by stuffing yourself with food. Most morning food you eat is tasteless and colorless, same old porridge or a dry sandwich with ham. Same food at the same table and in the same location. Your quick morning eating becomes unconscious and here you develop a habit to eat without thinking. In order to change your breakfast morning routine, we have brainstormed a few romantic breakfast ideas to try.

We hope that five easy breakfast ideas to refurbish romantic life will encourage you to learn and try something new. Reminding you that every personal change needs a bit of effort, so in order to have a romantic breakfast you may need to put some work and organize some bits and pieces with your own hands. Whether you learn a new breakfast recipe or consciously change breakfast location – everything counts as a key to breaking routine and enjoying morning time and food with loved one. Where would you like to have a breakfast? Does your partner love beach-strolling during the sunrise? When did you last time have a picnic in nature? How about having a breakfast to impress an important person?

Romantic Breakfast Ideas to Break Morning Routine

romantic breakfast ideas

Breakfast in Bed Idea

Surprise your partner by breakfast in bed. Make sure you know if she or he is a lazy personality and loves eating in bed. For a romantic breakfast in bed you will need a breakfast bed tray, nice silver and food-ware and better imagination for breakfast food recipe. Do a dish the person really likes or you can try a new exotic recipe. Nonetheless, you should master the new recipe by practicing it beforehand and secretly of course. Otherwise, breakfast in bed is no longer the real surprise!

For a stronger romantic surprise you can decorate a breakfast tray with live flowers. Live flower blooms, i.e. orchids, can be used as decorations for food and placed directly on food. Any woman feeling fresh flower scents first thing in the morning will put a big smile on her face. Besides, nicely decorated breakfast tray will definitely make her heart melt.

For safety reasons, have a hand towel ready if spills or accidents happen on breakfast bed tray. The food tray used for bed should be sturdy and strong. Also you should use a heavier glassware, i.e. drinking glass, plates, vase for flowers. Heavier good quality glassware is more stable and this way you will avoid spills on bed sheets and your quality mattress.

Breakfast Picnic Idea

If your partner and you enjoy spending a lot of time in fresh air, you can surprise your loved one by organizing a breakfast picnic. If you want to have a breakfast as a picknick you will need to do some planning beforehand.

Choose the right place where you both will feel safe and relaxed. You can have a breakfast in public natural park, in the beach, in wild woods or in old barn. Weather is important factor here, check forecast well and do it regularly several days before the day of romantic breakfast. Nobody wants to sit on wet grass and get dirty.

For choose your favorite but easy breakfast recipe. Bring napkins made of fabric and avoid using plastic straws. This way you will definitely pick after yourself and avoid polluting natural local eco system. You also want to have a hot coffee to serve. For this purpose, bring hot coffee in thermos to keep it warm for a long time. Have in mind that traveling to the location takes time, so most of the hot food may not arrive in preferred temperature. Above all, it is always a good idea to get portable mini grill for so that you can grill or warm up breakfast food.

Don’t forget to take a rug or mat to sit on. It can be chilly in nature in the morning, a good natural wool blanket will keep your bodies warm during breakfast picnic.

romantic breakfast ideas and locations

Breakfast Outdoors Idea

In order to have breakfast outside you need to be cautions of weather forecast. It should not be windy and raining unless your outside location is well secured – has a roof and wind shielding. If you live in a rural area, having a breakfast outdoors will fill your lungs with fresh air, tickle your nose with scents of blooming plants and your ears will thank you for early morning songs of birds. What great breakfast idea for nature lovers!

Step out of your comfort zone and change your breakfast location. It does not hurt as much as it sounds. Instead of eating a breakfast in your dinning or kitchen room that you see every day, you may move today’s breakfast to a terrace, backyard or your tiny balcony. If you have a backyard do a small picnic on your lawn or serve a nice table in gazebo. You may also like to decorate a table with flowers, by putting a vase with favorite flowers for example.

Changing breakfast location for a while will help you to break your routine habits. At the same time, different views of surroundings while you eat will affect your mind and psychological status. If you change routine habits and participate in new events your neurons create new connections. New neuron connections help fighting memory loss and rewires your brain.

You can set up a comfortable breakfast area in your little balcony and serve a newly learned breakfast recipe. Be thoughtful and add freshly squeezed orange juice to the menu, we all need an extra vitamin c shot to start our day.

 Coffee Testing Party at Breakfast

There is never too much of coffee! If your loved one is a coffee fanatic, do a coffee testing party. Explore a variety of coffee available on the market and pick 5 or 7 different types for testing during breakfast. The best coffee is when you brew it at home. Buy good quality coffee beans, grind it and brew coffee yourself, using a coffee machine. For an idea, you can choose various organic coffees brands to test. Represent each coffee to a drinker, tell a little story behind each brand and let choose one’s favorite.

To make coffee testing party even better, you can invite your partner to test different coffees at the beach during sunrise. In this case, you will need few thermoses to have all coffees hot, collapsible chairs, quality sunglasses, a warm blanket, a rug and several recycled paper cups. As for food you can take some sweet snacks and easy to grab breakfast food. When you both choose your favorite coffee, give a pack of same brand coffee as a present to your partner. The truth is, cute little gift is always a big helper in romantic life.

You may also invite couple of your friends or walkers-by to join your coffee testing party. Who knows you can make new friends with nearby neighbors or simply have a sociable morning time with other beings. For a better vibe, bring portable speakers and put on your favorite music. Good mood is important!

Lastly, make sure you bring a small trash bag with you and collect your rubbish after a coffee testing breakfast at the beach. We must keep our beaches clean and let others to enjoy it as well.

Romantic Breakfast at Golf Club Restaurant

If you are not keen to prepare breakfast recipe yourself and prefer to be served, you can always have a breakfast at Golf Club restaurant. Check what Golf Club near you offers breakfast menu. You can easily access and read breakfast menus online as most Golf Clubs have it on their website. Make sure to contact Golf Club in advance to book a table.

To make your breakfast really romantic, ask club’s management if you can choose a table in open terrace or beside glass wall facing golf fields. A good breakfast with a beautiful view of nicely trimmed grass fields and moving little golf cars will break the monotony of one’s life. In short, you will have to do a small personal research on what Golf Club near you has the best field views to offer to its visitors.

The best part, you don’t need to worry about food preparation and feel stressed if it did not go well. If you are having a breakfast at restaurant, the food is cooked by chef and served straight to your table. Life is good.


You can pull tons of romantic breakfast ideas when you let your mind and imagination run loose. Most romantic breakfast ideas are easy to do and can benefit those who are on a budget. If you decide to surprise your partner with breakfast picnic, investigate weather forecast and get some stuff for comfortability.

Find an easy breakfast recipe ideas online and master the recipe of your preference. Think how you can decorate a morning table or bed tray, if you decide to have a breakfast at home. No matter if you prepare a breakfast to impress or want to heal your relationship, a romantic breakfast will certainly draw some fresh air into your love life. At the end, you will realize that better life consists of small good pieces, but each piece needs our hand and effort to actually happen. Put a big smile on your face and get ready for a romantic breakfast with your love!

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