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Best Wedding Places in the World

best wedding places in the world

Getting married in a beautiful place is every couples dream. There are many beautiful locations in the world where you can get married with a twist. Some couples prefer having their wedding in tropical heat, other couples want to see snow on their wedding day. All depends what you want and what budget you have. Here you will find some information about luxury resort in Turks and Caicos Islands, a medieval castle in Italy and exclusive resort in Brazil that we consider the best wedding places.

Amanyara Resort in Turks and Caicos Islands

best wedding places

Luxury Amanyara Resort is in Providenciales in Turks and Caicos Islands. The whole place stands in 18,000 acre nature reserve that is remote and highly scenic area. The resort offers exceptional services and great outdoor amenities including on site restaurants with superior dinning.

In Amanyara Resort you and your guests will be surrounded by serene nature ambiance. This place has white sands beaches and is surrounded by turquoise waters of Atlantic Ocean.

Amanyara keeps their theme of a luxurious atmosphere with a list of wellbeing services.  Indeed the resort also offers a private travel with private villas and pools, and also wedding venues.

Carmel Taiba Exclusive Resort in Brazil

best wedding places

Carmel Taíba Exclusive Resort was created to provide the best sensations and expriences in Brazil. The resort is located in remote fishermen’s village Taiba in Ceare region of Brazil. Here you will meet fifty shares of orange sunsets, crystal blue Atlantic ocean winds and greenery. It is the best wedding place for small private weddings in tropical surroundings.

This resort is newly built and offers exclusive modern luxury for your wedding guests. The hotel and its surrounding area was designed by Marcelo Franco, João Armentano and Alex Hanazaki. The hotel will drown you in cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Similar hotel complex can be found in nearby local village Cumbuco. Where you will get same services but with more exotic twist.

The Castle of Solfagnano in Italy

best wedding places

If you want to get married in castle the Castle of Solfagnano in Italy is the best wedding place. The castle is located beautiful place between Venice and Rome and offers it’s buildings for dream events, parties and weddings.

The Catle of Solfagnano is dating back to 12th century and is based in the green heart of Italy. This wedding venue surrounded by green squares and lush historical gardens. The whole estate covers 60 acres of land and has golf courses. Besides the hotel can accommodate up to 360 guests at once.

By the way it is the perfect place to celebrate lavish wedding as it has huge outdoor spaces where you can get amazing wedding photographs.


To sum up best wedding places are usually remote spots where not every ordinary human can travel to. Usually such wedding venues are expensive, but they offer you luxury, exotica and expected privacy. Some love birds like to get married in tropical places, other couples prefer winter wedding. Usually, it takes time and effort to find a suitable wedding venue with all amenities and services but they all do not have attractive outdoor spaces. The above mentioned resorts and wedding places will leave you and your guests happy.

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