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Checkout The Effective Essential Oils For Cellulite

essential oils for cellulite

Women and men of all ages start getting skin conditions where the skin appears dimpled and lumpy around the hips, thighs, and abdomen. These are accumulated fats under the skin; a normal harmless condition called Cellulite. This is most common in women, but it affects both genders. Though it is harmless, it can cause somewhat body image issues and a lack of confidence, so people try medications, weight loss exercises, and creams to remove Cellulite. People also prefer certain body butter like shea butter online, which helps smoothen and soften the skin surface and may reduce the appearance of Cellulite but does not completely reduce the fats. Even though there is a solution, results are never long-lasting, so a better natural solution is using Essential oils. These oils have certain minerals that can break down unsaturated fat. Essential oils help remove impurities present in fat cells, making them shrink and reduction of Cellulite.

Best Essential Oils For Cellulite

Ginger Root Essential Oil

This oil has anti-inflammatory properties and has qualities that help in the reduction of Cellulite, leading to fat loss. This oil allows the pores to open and remove the excess oil, penetrate deeper into the skin, and clean down the skin from within. Take a carrier oil, mix a few drops of Ginger root Essential oil and apply to your Cellulite.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

This oil has an astringent quality that helps in the reduction of fat and also improves blood circulation. Cedarwood oil tightens up the skin and makes it looks less saggy. This oil helps in minimizing Cellulite if applied daily to the skin. Besides dealing with Cellulite, this oil enhances skin texture and tone.

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is widely used for skin use as it is rich in antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It is known to reduce Cellulite by shrinking the fat cells and also reduce weight. Lemon oil is also known to stimulate the drainage of lymphatic liquid and clears out the skin. Lemon Essential oil can be mixed with mango butter, making the smell more Fruity and helping you smoothen your skin.

Rosemary Essential Oil

This oil’s antibacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory characteristics help reduce Cellulite. This oil evens the uneven fat deposition under the skin, eliminates extra fluid from lymphatic drainage, and promotes blood circulation. This also enhances the skin texture. You can mix it with other carrier oil and apply it to your skin regularly for better results.

Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium oil helps in the dissolving of excess fluid and reduction of the puffiness of the skin. It is also recommended for cellulite reduction as it makes the skin more rigid and also facilitates the formation of collagen in this skin. You can use it regularly to even out your skin fat deposition and get rid of Cellulite.

You can use these essential oils individually or combine 2-3 to make a blend and use to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Since essential oils are concentrated in nature, they should always be mixed with carrier oils or cosmetic butters before use.


There are many treatments for cellulite reduction; you can also add Essential oil to it as an additional treatment as these essential oils are rich in Minerals and certain antibacterial anti-microbial and antioxidants that will help in the removal or shrinkage of the fats, not only they will help in the cellulite reduction but also give proper nutrition that is required by the skin and make it look even. Use it consistently for better results before you go to bed, and make sure you add Essential oil with carrier oil to avoid any burn or side effects; if you are planning on purchasing Essential oil, make sure you buy from a trusted source.

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