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Four Fashion Styles Influenced by Cultures

Fashion plays an important role in our culture. Hence, all fashion styles have their history and cultural roots. No doubt, culture is the primary factor that influences fashion and its trends. Today, staying fashionable is like chasing a wind in the dessert as fashion trends are changing and evolving on daily basis.

In current days, there are countless new fashion styles emerging in current cultural atmosphere. By having said so, we are giving you a short overview of three fashion styles that have been influenced by different cultures coming from across the globe.

Black culture and baggy fashion style

Back in a day, most African Americans wore loose fitting clothes that looked baggy. Actually, baggy fashion was trending among hip-hop stars and this fashion trend made a remarkable influence on young people. Initially, baggy clothes were worn to reduce costs as they were second-hand clothes. Eventually, loose fitting clothing became a trend in 21st century as well.

Same happened with sneakers. In fact, rubber sneakers did not come popular until after 70’s because sneakers were used in sports only. Following this, hip-hop culture brought sneakers to the streets of big American cities. Today, sneakers can be quite expensive as they are becoming the symbol of social status and even money.

Furthermore, black culture introduced traditional big hoop earrings and printed necklaces to the western fashion.  In addition, big colorful accessories are also originating from Latin culture coming from South American regions.

Fashion style and accessories from Asian cultures

When you think of Asian fashion and culture – the Asian kimonos must come to your mind. Once kimono was work for special occasions only, today it is a usual outfit that can be worn any season.  Without a doubt Asian kimono has influenced most of the European and American fashion designers. Endless numbers of fashion collections have many Asian detail and styling aspects.

Indian culture is a mother of henna tattoos and nose rings. Henna tattoos have multicultural aspect and are traditionally popular in Asian, Africa and Middle East. In South African communities a nose ring is a symbol of status and wealth. Currently you can see many western young girls piercing their noses for fashion, but traditionally a nose ring has cultural meaning among Indians, Africans and other eastern people.

Japanese culture and Lolita style

Lolita fashion is cute and elegant style, but its roots in the Japan culture. It emerged in the 70’s through the rock music industry, as some popular rock music bands were the pioneers of this fashion style. Indeed, Victorian clothing and Rococo period is the core pillar of the Lolita fashion in general.

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In general, most fashion styles are influenced by different cultures. Besides, new fashion trends bring remote cultures together. Usually, fashion styles are the mean to express appreciation of another culture and it’s customs as many cultural detail are being used in designer collections. As a result western fashion industry got influenced by Asian and other Eastern cultures. For example, heavy colorful fashion accessories and baggy clothing were brought to us by African culture. In this busy life knowing the origins of different fashion trends is very important if you want to keep up with fashion.

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