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Find the Perfect T-Shirt for Your Brand

T-Shirt for Your Brand

Setting up your own apparel or t-shirt brand is a huge undertaking. Starting from scratch takes a lot of effort and time. There are many moving parts, and your project could easily run off the rails if you don’t pay attention to any of them. But we know, you’re not the type of human to give up easily. With the perfect t-shirt, you may create a bold artistic statement with your apparel brand.

The t-shirt itself is the most crucial part of a successful clothing company. Even if your t-shirt design is the screen printing equivalent of the Mona Lisa, if the shirt’s fabric doesn’t feel good and the fit isn’t appropriate, your work may never be seen by the public. You want your t-shirt to be the one your customers reach for first when they open their wardrobes. In this case, whenever someone wears one of your shirts, they spread the word about your company.

Visualize your go-to T-shirt. Just why is it your go-to? Just how do you feel? Where does it go, if anywhere? When shopping for a new tee, keep these qualities in mind.

Customers will be grateful for the time and care you took to ensure a comfortable and flattering fit for their new shirt.

Brands That Will Never Fail You

Next Level Apparel

Instead of simply replicating American Apparel 2001, Next Level Apparel took the concept and made it better. Their clothing weighs in at a more reasonable 4.3 oz without sacrificing any quality. They also have a side seam that’s vital yet sometimes not. A seemingly insignificant feature that plays a crucial role in preserving the form of a t-shirt. Exceptionally comfortable and well-fitting, these tees are the pinnacle of shirt softness.

Their CVC t-shirt is even superior to the 100% cotton option. It’s less likely to shrink and has a softer texture.

Next Level is the brand to choose if you want to get the most out of your money. They have a variety of colors, and the 100 percent cotton and mixes feel excellent.

This is a great brand to launch if you’re targeting consumers who care about their appearance. Next Level’s quality, fit, and affordability are why brands screen print on so many of them for their customers. Many high-end boutiques and designers print their logos or designs on products from this line because of the wide variety of options available to ladies. Next Level has shown to be a top value in the screen printing industry.


District apparel is meant to be a more affordable alternative to brands like Bella+Canvas, Next Level Apparel, and American Apparel by providing similarly trendy and flattering silhouettes in more youthful-skewing color palettes and prints.

If you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry about buying from District because their prices are the lowest of any major clothing label.

There’s a decent fit; however, they shrink a lot in the wash for the price. You can get unexpected results like shrinking if you don’t hang dry.

This isn’t our first recommendation if you’re looking for a retail/fashion-type shirt on the cheap. We must admit, though, that District produces a decent hoodie, and their fabrics are of high quality. They are more reasonable than Gildan’s, have a comfortable fit, and consist of high-quality ring-spun cotton.

Anvil 980

Additionally, the Anvil 980 was designed to compete with companies like Bella+Canvas, Next Level, and American Apparel. Similar comments can be made about this book to the one reviewed before. It’s cheaper, but a far more limited range of colors is available.

Although more expensive than Bella+Canvas or NextLevel, we think you’ll agree that their blends are well worth a look.


This brand offers an impressive array of garments and hues. Their knit isn’t woven as tightly, so they aren’t nearly as form-fitting as the Next Level shirts, but they do seem lighter at 4.2 oz.

Maybe you’re in between sizes, just like a few of us. Finding a garment you like but that doesn’t fit well might be a bit of a bummer. Well, a fantastic thing about Bella+Canvas is that their shirts are a bit longer. Bella+Canvas has you covered if you typically wear a medium but know that most shirts run short.

Bella+Canvas is essentially interchangeable with Next Level; however, they have a much better color range. Your line of merchandise would benefit greatly from the addition of their novel clothing options. The cost of Bella+Canvas product is quite low.


Now that we’ve found the perfect t-shirt to represent your company, our search is complete. Returning to the main point…

    • If you want an inexpensive shirt in a trendy cut, try Anvil or District.
    • Next Level Apparel and Bella+Canvas are the two most reliable manufacturers here. You can locate exactly what you’re looking for in their extensive collection. They have an impressive array of blends, colors, and trendy women’s apparel. For launching your brand, this is a terrific option. We also see a lot of success with these brands.

It’s important to do your homework before launching a clothing line. We hope their article will help you find the perfect t-shirt.

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