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Fake Jade Rollers on the Market: What are Alternatives to Jade Rollers

Alternatives to Jade Rollers

Today, you can find hundreds of different types of jade rollers in beauty shops. Affordable jade rollers come in many different shapes, sizes and have stones in multiple colors. Therefore, most jade rollers are fake, because they are made of artificial materials or chemically treated mineral stones. You are likely to have a fake jade roller that has no essential benefits and eventually can harm your skin, beauty and health. Besides, don’t be surprised, if you will not find a jade roller with a genuine jadeite to buy. Instead, we would like to advise you using some simple alternatives to jade rollers.

In this article we will give you several ideas on alternatives to jade rollers so that you can avoid using fake jade rollers full of chemicals and toxins.

About Fake Jade Rollers on the Market

Unfortunately, beauty shops are loaded with fake jade rollers. Subsequently, putting  fake jade rollers on shelves has created a new beauty niche where beauty shops and many beauty influencers make easy money of unaware and uninformed consumer. It is sad that most ladies don’t know that their jade roller is worthless, made of colored glass aka fake jade.

Furthermore, it is unlikely, that you fill find a jade roller made with natural jadeite gemstone. The truth is all jade rollers costing in the range of $10 to $70 are actually cheap replicas of beauty tool used in Ancient China. Cheap jade rollers are made with fake jade stones.

Roller-head-sized piece of natural jade does cost more than the whole manufactured jade roller itself, bearing several parts. Each part of the roller has to be produced and then carefully crafted into a one-piece functioning beauty tool. In other words, obtaining a high-quality natural jade mineral, certifying it, manufacturing it into smooth and perfectly finished parts for facial roller, assembling it, adding packaging-transportation expenses and putting it on shelves in retail shops should end up in high price. In brief, natural jadeite gemstone alone is hard to find and costs a lot more than just ten bucks. We guess that a good quality jade roller with natural jadeite or nephrite crystal should cost $200 at least. Initially, the price can vary greatly because of the quality of jade gemstone.

What about certified jade rollers on the market? Most certificates facial rollers come with are faked as well. Besides, today jade rollers are made using other stones and even artificial rocks to decrease price of jade rollers. In addition, some manufacturers use less valuable leftovers of jadeite mining areas. Such jades have low mineral composition and have no benefits to health.

Genuine jade roller must contain a roller-head made of natural jadeite. This part of the roller must be tested and certified as a natural jade using appropriate laboratory. If jadeite is natural it must be certified as natural nephrite jade and come with a list of its chemical composition.  Equally, a laboratory certified mineral jade must have a list of minerals traces, geological features and location of origin. It is important to note because every natural jade mineral is slightly different, because every mine provides different jade.

In general, natural genuine jadeite gemstone is more valued than nephrite and maintains a high price on gemstone market. In order to mimic natural jadeite physical properties, manufacturers began using artificial rocks, glass and toxic chemicals.

To conclude, if your jade roller costs less than $200, it is probably not a genuine jade roller. Laboratory certificate is the answer to all questions when buying a jade rollers or looking for alternatives to jade rollers.

Heated Jade Roller

Talking in metaphysical language, both nephrite and jadeite stone are long believed to show healing properties, especially being beneficial in healing mind and soul. Therefore, several recent research teams confirm that jades can have physical healing properties to our physical body as well.

Secondly, today the healing powers of jadeite stone can be proved by science and clinical trials. New technologies give us a better understanding of biochemical properties of minerals and how they affect not only our mental, physical health but also our beauty.

There is a scientific fact – heated jadeite (as well as nephrite) emits negative ions. Also, natural jade stones are capable to emit energy in the far infra-red wavelengths that increase microcirculation in skin. Clearly, if jade roller is made with genuine jade, it is beneficial in skincare routine and general well-being of every human at any age.

All skin care professionals and media influencers advice using jade roller when it is cold. They make a huge mistake! According to some scientific studies, you should do in opposite way. All jade rollers must be used warm not cold! Using cold jade roller may help to reduce puffiness, but ice cube made of green tea or coffee can do the same thing. Jade rollers made of natural stones reveal their best healing properties when are used warm. In such case, you do not need to keep your jade roller in a fridge – you should use heated jade roller.

Actually, all essential healing and nourishing properties of natural jades are lost when this facial roller is cooled down. Only warmed (or heated) jadeite releases far infrared rays that increase skin temperature and stimulate skin microcirculation, and emit negative ions that are known to fight free radicals. Many research studies show that jadeite (and nephrite) rocks are emitting biologically active far infrared rays and negatively charged ions when stone is heated. For example, steam rising from natural jadeite has a firming and rejuvenating effect on the skin.

Alternatives to Jade Rollers

Natural Stones as Alternatives to Jade Rollers

If you want to experience beautifying results of jade stone as women did in ancient times A rolling part of jade roller should be made of natural Jadeite or Nephrite gemstone. As earlier mentioned, genuine jade rollers are not common on the beauty market.

We would advise using a smoothly finished natural Nephrite stone as an alternative to jade roller. Natural jade stones can be purchased from certified sellers where chemical composition is confirmed by laboratory. If you want to experience the true healing properties of natural stone – it must be a genuine stone. A piece of jade must be smooth and with no sharp edges because you will be using it as a small massage tool on your face and body skin.

Unfortunately, most affordable jade rollers are chemically treated and made of unnatural synthetic stones or glass to lower the price of this beauty tool. You do not need such toxins attacking your delicate face skin or going down your bloodstream.

Gua Sha Stones are Alternatives to Jade Rollers

A perfect alternative to fake jade roller is using Gua Sha stone for your skin. What is Gua Sha? “Gua Sha” means “scraping” and it is an Asian practice when gemstone is used as a tool to apply pressure by brushing it onto the skin. Gua Sha technique is said to relieve pain, tension and increase microcirculation in different body parts.

In 2007 German researchers  investigated whether Gua Sha treatment has any influence on microcirculation. They have found, that Gua Sha increased microcirculation four times in the scraped body areas for over 7 minutes after finishing the therapy. Furthermore, a significant increase in microcirculation in same areas was still observed 25 minutes later. Actually, an increased microcirculation is what you need to maintain youthful skin.

Now, you can find Gua Sha tools made of variety of gem stones, the most popular being rose quartz and jade mineral. Some jade roller sets come with Gua Sha tools included already. The question stays the same – are these stones are natural? Do these beauty sets include laboratory certificates for gems? In this point, again obtaining a certified gemstone of your preference as a separate natural stone instead, would be the wisest option.

In brief, you need to get a flat and smooth piece of mineral stone of your choice (ie. Jadeite, nephrite) that is mimicking a shape of Gua Sha tool. Now you know one of the most simple alternatives to fake jade rollers.

Try Other Stone Therapies

As an alternative to jade roller, you should try holistic stone massage session at any holistic clinic. This way, you will be sure to receive professional services suing genuine natural stones.  There are so many different therapies involving crystals to choose from! See how do you like stone therapy first and if you see any improvements after all.

Please note that stone massage may leave some bruises due to high pressure applied to deeper skin surfaces and fragile capillary. Look for experienced and customer recommended stone massage specialist to avoid violet-blue markings on the skin. It should feel as a beauty therapy. Stone therapy should be a relaxing beauty session – not as an exorcism session.

Far Infrared Therapy Instead of Jade Roller

Most holistic clinics and beauty centers offer far infrared therapies for recovery, beauty and health in general. Instead of fake jade roller you may try any far infrared ray therapy.  Indeed, you can purchaser a far infrared device for personal use at home.

You can choose far infrared sauna, Nephrite massage bed, infrared masks, lights and lamps, photo rejuvenation treatments and many more. Infrared devices for personal use are expensive but they usually last a lifetime. Purchase a device that is equipped with jadeite minerals to optimize the advantages of far infrared rays and negative ions.

Please consult with your health adviser if you have concerns or questions about far infrared therapies or devices.

Briefly on Alternatives to Jade Rollers

To sum up, in order to understand what kind of jade roller you are purchasing you have to learn some basics of natural mineral “jade”: where does it come from, what distinct physical features it has, how it was manufactured and if it can be certified in the laboratory. As a result, you will easily spot fake jade rollers on the market.

Natural jade gemstone is really helpful in nurturing health and beauty but there are thousands of fake jade rollers on the market. The goods news are – there are plenty of options to choose from similar beauty tools and used as alternatives to jade rollers. So if you are willing to include a jadeite stone in your feminine beauty kit – look for smoothly finished natural mineral alone. Finally, instead of using a fake jade roller for your own benefit we advise trying holistic stone therapies, facial stone-massage, far-infrared rays or using beauty products that contain jade mineral powder as healthier alternatives.

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