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Food Lovers: Do You Know Different Types of Pizza Cuts?

different types of pizza cuts

Pizza comes in different shapes and sizes, but what do you know about different types of pizza cuts? If you know how to cut pizza it may save your budget and you will avoid ordering more pizza. Maybe you are in a situation when you have to slice one small pizza for a bunch of food lovers? Pizza slices are important!

In this article we will explore the different types of pizza cuts and why one type of pizza slice should be preferred over the rest. We hope this interesting post will take your pizza eating experience to another level.

About Different Pizza Slices

Every pizza is different depending on it’s may factors you are usually considering: the type of pizza, style of crust, toppings, sauce, and slice or cut you want. Pizzerias and restaurants the type of pizza usually depends on the method of cutting. In other words, in some cases different types of pizza cuts define the type of pizza.

Traditionally, pie-shaped pizza will always be sliced in triangular slices and square pizzas are sliced into many square pieces. This is what you usually get when eating out, but if you make a homemade pizza you have much more freedom in how you will be cutting pizza to share with others. Knowing different types of pizza cuts will help you to share smaller pizza with more people.

Here you will learn about different types of pizza cuts being classic pizza cuts, stripe cuts and square cuts. What type of pizza slicing is the most beneficial to eater?

Classic Pizza Cuts

Pizza is the only thing in our world that is round but is cut into triangular pieces. We always think of pizza as being round and sliced into triangular slices. Certainly, is the most popular method of eating not only pizza but also pies. Usually, triangular pizza cuts are called classic pizza cuts.

Traditionally, classic triangle shape is the best way to split a pie-shaped pizza evenly to many different numbers of people. One of the best things about this classic pizza cut is that it gives you decent-size, even slices. Furthermore, if you cut pizza into triangular cuts, it allows pizza lovers to start eating pizza from it’s soft center where all the best topping parts lay. Classic pizza cuts allow eaters to enjoy the toppings right away.

If talking about pizza toppings, triangular slices are not the best slices to hold a big amount of toppings. This pizza slicing method is best for pizzas with minimal or moderate toppings layer.

Actually, if you like juicy several layer topping on pizza, then we would suggest you to choose different type of pizza cuts, for example square pizza cuts.

Pizza Stripe Cuts

There are several alternatives how yo can cut pie-shaped pizza. If you pizza has a thin crust and not much of toppings layer, consider cutting your pizza into stripes. Cutting pizza into stripes can help you getting more bit-sized pizza pieces. This way, a smaller pizza can be shared by a bigger number of people. This pizza cutting method works well for round and square pizzas.

Furthermore, pizza lovers would be delighted to dip their pizza stripes into a sauce. So getting a couple of different dips for pizza is always a good idea, if you cut your pizza into stripes. Besides, pizza stripe cuts fit into dipping cups perfectly and saves you from using big dipping containers. Always remember, that square cuts may not fit into dipping cup.

If you need an idea for a quick appetizer – grab a mid-sized pizza with a thin crust and cut pizza into stripes. Pizza of any shape can be cut into stripes very easily. Pizza stripe cuts will save you from making an appetizer from scratch.

Square Pizza Cuts

Square pizza cuts is the most controversial and most discussed pizza cutting method in the world. Real pizza lovers argue that cutting pizza into square pieces makes it no longer a real pizza. Have you ever cut your round pizza into square cuts? Yes, you did.

Usually, large square pizzas with heavy toppings are cut into square slices, because square pizza base is more durable and can hold a bigger weight. If it is a deep-dish pizza, it definitely has to be cut into square cuts. Too many toppings on a triangular slice can weigh the narrower portion of the slice down and toppings will fall down.

Square Pizza Slices

As we touched on a bit earlier, square-cuts are usually meant for pizzas on the larger side. While the traditional triangle slice leads to slight variations in size, the square-cut divides sizes more evenly. The only exceptions to these are the corners of the pizza, which may take more triangular shapes. The rest of the pieces should showcase the standard square. Square pizza cuts are great for meat lovers.

If pizza toppings are your favorite part about eating pizza, you want to go for the square pizza slices.

A pizza that’s cut into even squares holds several benefits. For one, it’s easier to split among a large crowd. Several people also get to have more than one slice because it’ll result in more pieces.

Benefits of Square Pizza Pieces

Some people say that it is unacceptable to cut pizza into square slices as pizza no longer is pizza. Cutting round pizza into rectangular cuts is the nail of the recipe. On the other hand, all pizza lovers are used to classic triangular cuts for pizzas.

However, in reality, the square-cut actually makes a lot more sense. Here are some of the reasons why:

    • Slices are divided more equally
    • Easier to split among a large group of people
    • Sample different pizza flavors more easily
    • Everything gets eaten, including the crust
    • Slices are more manageable
    • Doesn’t get weighed down by toppings

Choose your favorite type of pizza cut

There’s no stopping you from going for the type of pizza slice that fits your current mood, especially if you’re going homemade with your venture. Restaurants might not always grant you your slice of choice, but you can always remedy that by choosing to make your own pizza at home. That’s even better, considering you have all the freedom to experiment on toppings, crust style, slice type, and other elements that factor into your pizza-dining experience.


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